ATOM Echo: Smart Mini ESP32-based Programmable Speaker with AI Capabilities

M5Stack ATOM Echo Smart Mini ESP32 based Programmable Speaker

ATOM Echo is a small voice input-output and programmable speaker from M5Stack. Based on the IoT power of ESP32, the speaker comes in a sleek design with 24x24x17 mm dimensions. The device can be programmed to access AWS, Baidu, and other cloud platforms, using the built-in microphone and speaker for voice interaction. It’s AI capabilities (such as voice control, storytelling, etc.) and Bluetooth capabilities enable users to play music from a mobile phone or tablet with ease.


Users can input their voice through the built-in microphone of the ATOM Echo, and output the text in their device using text-to-speech APIs. The device can also be programmed to control compatible smart devices at home with just the sound of the users’ voice. When asked, it can play the user’s favorite music, share the latest news, and other information.


ATOM Echo features an RGB LED (SK6812) which can display its connection status. Once turned on, the red LED of the speaker turns on. The light turns green when the connection with the Bluetooth device is established and sound is output from the M5Stack ATOM Echo. On being disconnected, the LED turns red.


Other than being a Bluetooth speaker, ATOM Echo can control other devices in the ATOM series, which can be connected through the grove interface. G21 / G25 Pins can only be used for general I/O as they do not support I2C and UART. Screw holes on the back enable users to easily affix the device anywhere they like.


The factory default firmware of ATOM Echo is for a Bluetooth speaker that transmits audio data using the A2DP protocol. However, the call reception is not supported. The firmware is compiled on Espressif’s ESP-IDF platform.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Based on ESP32
  • Supports A2DP, BLE 4.0
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • RGB LED displaying connection status
  • ESP32-PICO, 240MHz dual-core, Wi-Fi, BLE 4.0 CPU
  • 4MB flash
  • 5V@500mA power
  • G21/G25/5V/GND, 3V3/G22/G19/G23/G33 PinOut.
  • IR-TXx1, Function Buttonx1, Reset Buttonx1 interface.
  • SK6812 RGB LED
  • 0.5W/NS4168 I2S speaker
  • SPM1423 PDM microphone
  • 24x24x17mm size
  • 10g weight
  • Plastic (PC) case material