DUT Holder with 3GPP Alignment Option for Improved 5G mmWave Test Environment

CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A

Anritsu Corporation has introduced a newly developed DUT (Device Under Test) Holder MA8179A-AK011 for increasing the usability of its CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A. The MA819A-AK011 has been developed to provide support as a single compact jig (DUT Holder) for positions and orientations specified by the 3GPP Alignment Option 1/2/3. These devices also satisfy the Quality of Quiet Zone needed for the 3GPP RF/RRM Conformance Test and they also simplify the test-terminal mounting /dismounting.


The DUT should be mounted exactly at the same position each time in an OTA environment to test the mmWave terminals and obtain good measurement results, the DUT Holder MA8179A-AK011 has been developed to meet this requirement.


The DUT Holder MA8179A-AK011 is built into the CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A, which meets the 3GPP RF/RRM Conformance Test recommendations and is mounted on the Positioner MA8179A to auto-control the test-terminal position.


Features of the CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A

  • Full support for Alignment Option 1/2/3
  • Easy DUT/terminal mounting/dismounting in the test chamber
  • Compatibility with 5G mmWave test equipment
  • Repeatable high accuracy mounting of the test terminal in the test chamber
  • Robust engineering-plastics construction assures excellent durability with minimum impact on signals
  • Enhanced measurement and positional reproducibility


Note: More technical information can be found on the CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A product page.

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