ESP32-based Autonomous Sensors for Uninterrupted Operation in Harsh Industrial IoT Applications

VocalZoom’s ESP32-based Autonomous Sensors

VocalZoom (VZ) has introduced the ESP32-based Autonomous Sensors (VAS) for the Industrial Internet of Things. The VocalZoom’s Autonomous Sensors (VAS) combines contactless, high-resolution laser-sensor technology with built-in, data-edge processing and wireless communications for enabling low-cost and fast deployment of the wide range of monitoring applications for the IIoT environment.



The VZ laser sensors can measure the motion, shape, and vibrations of any surface, this allows the industrial manufacturers to monitor the real-time health and performance of engines, turbines, pumps, etc. This compact and contactless laser sensor delivers uninterrupted operation even on hot, wet, and moving surfaces. With the support of ESP32 microprocessor-based built-in, real-time, data processing, the programmable VAS directly supports application libraries and free programming from a third-party IoT cloud platform.


By combining a patented sensor and the ESP32 microprocessor into a single unit, the VAS can measure and analyze results without any additional products, even while calculating RPM, thickness, vibration anomalies, presence, height, and rotation. The new sensors are not susceptible to ambient noise or vibrations and can be deployed quickly and easily, practically anywhere in an IIoT setting, without any downtime.


Features of VocalZoom’s Autonomous Sensors (VAS)

  • Automatic wireless LAN setup
  • Programmable edge processing, since VAS run a wide range of applications and algorithms
  • Real-time alerts
  • Direct connection to on-premise computers, as well as Programmable Logic
  • Wireless streaming of raw data to a secured gateway
  • Customizable dashboards monitoring IoT system health and real-time values
  • Smart power management for low power consumption when using a battery