How Nokia is Aiming To Boost Europe’s Logistics Industry With its IoT Solution


The logistics market in the European nation could lose around $1 billion revenue due to poor connectivity issues impeding automation

In an effort to transform IoT in the logistics industry, the Finnish global telecommunications and technology company Nokia has proclaimed to expand its Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) private wireless (PW) solution in various European nations. The DAC PW solution is expected to offer security enhanced and seamless connectivity for sensors, devices, and machines, within the various small and medium enterprises, fulfillment centers, and warehouses.

The logistics department is furnished with tremendous pressure with the growth of e-commerce and on-demand delivery. The challenge is to foster effectual, and faster processes fortified by data analytics, sensors, and automation. But, the point to be noted is that the legacy Wi-Fi networks fail to offer consistent connectivity, which is a must for deploying IoT applications and devices.

These grave challenges can be countered by Nokia’s DAC PW by providing private and licensed spectrum to logistics and industrial ecosystems specifically, claims Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Nokia. According to an exclusive report of IoT Tech News, the industrial-grade private network ensures seamless mobility, security, latency, and capacity to interconnect autonomous guided vehicles, handheld devices, sensors, and assets throughout warehouses and across sites. This ultimately helps the logistics firms to track products end to end, workflows get automated, offers in-depth data insights, which further provides new service opportunities, productivity, and efficiency.

The technology research and market firm ABI Research stated that the logistics market in the European nation could lose around $1 billion revenue due to poor connectivity issues impeding automation. According to Nokia, the DAC PW Compact has the potential to counter this challenge by reducing Wifi energy consumption by 60 percent and also reducing operational expenditures.

Litjens said, "As digital transformation takes hold within a wider range of industries where security, scalability, productivity, and efficiency are much needed, Nokia DAC PW Compact offers the capabilities of our mission-critical industrial edge (MXIE), simplifies industrial digitalisation of small-medium size businesses, and will help to accommodate the growing and changing needs of the logistics market in Europe."