IntelliPallet – IoT Based Pallet Monitoring Logistics Platform using Semtech LoRa Devices

IntelliPallet – IoT Based Pallet Monitoring Logistics Platform

Semtech Corporation has announced that Pallet Alliance has integrated Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol into its Internet of Things (IoT)-based pallet monitoring logistics platform named IntelliPallet. The platform ensures to deliver comprehensive location and environmental data down to the individual pallet. Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol reduce operating costs by providing low power, flexibility, and simplicity in deployment, thereby creating reliable tracking applications with industry-leading battery lifetimes.


Integrating LoRaWAN solutions for geolocation and logistics monitoring allows customers to reduce inefficiencies and optimize processes. Pallets equipped with LoRa-enabled sensors integrate seamlessly with existing pallets and networking infrastructures, and leverage LoRaWAN networks to deliver long-range, accurate and real-time data on pallet location and status.


The IoT logistics and tracking platform for wooden pallets comprise more than 90% of the worldwide palletized shipping market. Wooden pallets are preferred as they are economical, sustainable, and easily customized than plastic or composite pallets. However, for robust tracking data for the pallets can be done only with expensive, unreliable add-ons or the entire workflow needs to be changed.


The advanced and real-time insight proves valuable to end-users and allows them to optimize their processes for a quick ROI. The flexible LoRaWAN-based platform offers customized tracking capabilities, including an entry/exit notification from a geo-fenced area, stationary time and arrival/departure from designated hubs, and environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, and motion. This data is further used by managers through Cloud-based third-party applications to optimize their logistics workflow and protect assets.  

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