Laird Connectivity Releases Sentrius BT710 Bluetooth Tracker/Multi-Sensor for Contact Tracking Applications

Sentrius BT710 Bluetooth Tracker/Multi-Sensor

Laird Connectivity has lately launched the Sentrius BT710 Bluetooth tracking device for COVID-19 contact tracing applications. The tracker aims to help organizations with real-time social distancing and contact tracing for personnel monitoring and safety. Incase social distancing is not maintained, the tracker sends alert in the form of four highly visible LEDs, vibration, and a beeper.


Other than sending alerts, the BT710 tracker logs information of the other BT710 tracker devices that it has come in contact with and the duration for contact tracing. The data can then be downloaded with the help of Laird Connectivity’s MG100 Bluetooth Low Energy to cellular micro-gateway or the IG60 gateway that provides Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular connectivity.


The BT710 Bluetooth tracker integrates TruPoint Antenna Diversity System for more accurate location performance. It is powered with a low-cost CR2477 battery for longer lifetimes which means this tracker can go for long term deployments without recharging the battery.


The BT710 tracker can be attached to a lanyard or utilize its built-in clip. With Laird Connectivity’s in-house suite of professional engineering services, BT710 enclosure, application firmware/mobile apps, and more can be customized easily to meet specific application requirements. Sampling will start in August to select customers and partners and the company has started accepting pre-orders.

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