LARA-R2 Cellular Module With 2G Fallback and Positioning Capability for Solar Telematics

u‑blox LARA-R2 Cellular Module

U-Blox has announced that going forward, DOT Telematik und Systemtechnik GmbH’s ultra-robust, solar-powered X-Ray Solar Pointer logistics tracker will feature the u‑blox LARA-R211 LTE Cat 1 modem with GSM fallback and positioning capability. The ultra-robust, solar-powered X-Ray Solar Pointer logistics tracker is a telematics solution that features u-blox technology and does not require batteries to be replaced.


U Blox LARA-R2 cellular module and SAM-M8Q GNSS receiver in the tracker transmit and receive data concurrently, thereby delivering optimal performance with no interference. The telematics box helps in container and cargo tracking and rail transport. It can withstand harsh handling and provides a robust asset-to-cloud data link to transmit telematics and other sensor data, reporting temperature measurements, movement, and door openings in real-time.

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