LoRa Based Asset Tracking Reference Kit with Sensors, Gateways, and Software to Simplify Development

LoRa Based Asset Tracking Reference Kit

Semtech Corporation has released its Asset Tracking Reference Kit with the aim to accelerate the adoption of LoRa-based asset tracking solutions. The kit will not only simplify the adoption of LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol but will also facilitate the confirmation of the business value of such solutions. The kit consists of LoRa-based sensors and gateways that are available in the market. With the help of the kit, users will be able to deploy a commercial solution with any of the manufacturers in the LoRa ecosystem, providing sensors, gateways, network software, and connectivity.


The Semtech Asset Tracking Reference Kit will not just help companies to achieve LoRaWAN private network coverage in combination with geolocation but will help system integrators too. The kit will enable them to start customer projects expeditiously and enterprise users will be able to evaluate the value of LoRaWAN-based solutions for their business processes even if they don’t have extensive knowledge of IoT technologies.


With the reference kit, users will be able to locate outdoor assets around a specific location. Also, it will let users perform a regular automated inventory of assets that are available on site. The data generated by the trackers will enable customers to evaluate the possible benefits of tracking their assets with an out-of-the-box kit. The reference kit can apply the trackers to specific assets and access the data by a web-based dashboard.


The kit includes six industrial LoRaWAN-based GPS trackers and one outdoor LoRaWAN-based gateway along with a pre-configured SIM card for Cellular backhaul. The data from the GPS trackers is collected via the LoRaWAN network without the license or subscription fee. The user can configure some parameters of the trackers and access the data through a secure portal. The coverage will vary from hundreds of meters around the location to several kilometers depending on the gateway placement.