LoRa Based MimicGO With Geolocation Capabilities To Secure Rooms and Belongings

Semtech's LoRa Based MimicGO With Geolocation Capabilities

Semtech Corporation has announced that Smart Mimic has integrated Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol into its new MimicGO line of consumer products to ensure the safety and security of rooms and belongings. LoRa integrated MimicGO represents one of the first IoT-enabled consumer security solutions of its kind, offering instant, portable and secure deployment, and providing real-time status updates on asset location or door tampering.


The LoRa-based MimicGO sensors are low power, wireless and compact, enabling increased deployment flexibility into a variety of potential uses for smarter monitoring. The device can be deployed indoors or outdoors to monitor condition changes in a range of applications like door sensing, belonging movements and tampering, motion sensing in rooms, and open/closed status in drawers/safes. Upon detecting a change in status, the device activates an alarm to discourage theft or tampering with monitored locations. With these customizable alarms combined with real-time smartphone notifications, MimicGO becomes an ideal solution for connecting smart homes and assets especially for those with hearing impairments.


The solution leverages LoRa devices’ proven geolocation capabilities to enable swift asset location and loss prevention, saving end-users time and money. In simple words, these on-the-go devices provide customers the peace of mind, safety, and prevent the loss or theft of belongings. Integrating LoRa devices for easy-to-use consumer products enables the end-users to directly receive the benefits of smarter data monitoring without needing prior IoT experience. With it, the end-users will directly receive the benefits of smarter data monitoring without having the prior IoT experience.