LoRa-Enabled STM32WL SoC in 48-Pin Package Option to Offer Flexibility and Reduce BOM Cost

LoRa Enabled STM32WLE5 SoC from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has expanded its access to market-unique LoRa-enabled STM32WLE5 with a 48-pin package option. With this step, the company aims to bring the device’s extensive feature integration, power efficiency, and multi-modulation flexibility to a wider variety of industrial wireless applications.


Extending the STM32WLE5 portfolio that also includes devices in 5mm x 5mm BGA73, the new 7mm x 7mm QFN48 package option eases the manufacturing process and reduces BOM costs too. There are three different flash-memory density options available per package, offering a choice of 64KB, 128KB, or 256KB. Moreover, all the devices feature a high proportion of user-assignable GPIOs. Each device features ST’s ultra-low-power microcontroller technologies including dynamic voltage scaling and proprietary adaptive real-time ART Accelerator that allows zero-wait execution from Flash. Also, the long-term availability is assured through ST’s rolling 10-year longevity commitment for industrial products.


The STM32WLE5 supports multiple RF-modulation schemes including LoRa spread-spectrum modulation along with the (G)FSK, (G)MSK, and BPSK used by various sub-GHz long-range protocols including proprietary protocols. It offers flexibility to enable users to apply their desired protocol stack, even if it is created in-house, sourced externally, or chosen from off-the-shelf software like LoRaWAN and wM-Bus stacks.


Its standout features include-dual low-power (14dBm) and high-power (22dBm) transmitter modes with a highly linear performance from 150MHz to 960MHz, spanning the sub-1GHz unlicensed frequency range, thereby ensuring technical compatibility with RF regulations globally. There is only a single crystal required to synchronize the high-speed external (HSE) clock and the radio.


Currently, STM32WLE5 SoCs, including STM32WLE5J BGA73 and the latest STM32WLE5C QFN48 devices are in production. You can contact your local ST office for information on pricing and sample requests.

Component Datasheet

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