Low Cost Patch Antennas with High-Performance and Improved Efficiency for Wireless Applications

Ethertronics Patch Antenna from AVX Corporation

AVX Corporation has released an extensive portfolio of high-performance, high-efficiency patch antennas to meet connectivity and miniaturization requirements in wireless applications. There are five new series of embedded, on-board, patch antennas included in the portfolio viz.

  • Wi-Fi/BT/Zigbee Ceramic Patch 2.4GHz Antennas (1003468)
  • GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo Patch Antennas (1004322)
  • GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo Dual-Feed Patch Antennas (1002649)
  • GPS/GLONASS Patch Antennas with Cable (1004627)
  • GPS Ceramic Patch Antennas with Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) (1004138)


The embedded onboard patch antennas have a small, low-profile form factor optimized for cross-market miniaturization trends. The antennas leverage patented isolated magnetic dipole technology offering higher efficiency, gain, isolation, and directivity characteristics from 1.5 - 2.4GHz with better return loss and minimal interference.


The antennas are RoHS compliant and are available with multiple feed points, optional cable connections, and adhesive and through-hole solder pin mounting options. These antennas are ideally fit to be used in wireless electronics spanning wearable, IoT devices, gateways, and access points to point-of-sale terminals, tracking systems, telematics, digital signage, on-board diagnostics, connected vehicles, and machine-to-machine communications.


The standard antennas reduce the design cost and speed up the time-to-market. Additionally, these antennas have independent tuning capabilities for application-specific performance optimization. This makes them ideal to design mobile device designs like smartphones, headsets, tablets, media players, etc.


The Ethertronics patch antennas measure a maximum of 25.0mm (±0.2mm) in length, 25.0mm (±0.2mm) in width, and 6.8mm (±0.7mm) in height, weighs between 4.8g and 14.3g and supports a range of both high-band and ultra-high-band frequencies extending from 1.559–2.485GHz. The performance of each antenna depends on the PCB ground plane dimensions (50mm x 50mm or 70mm x 70mm) or free-space placement. RHCP polarization, 50Ω unbalanced feed-point impedance, peak gain ranging from 3.0dBi at 1.602GHz to 5.5dBi from 1.575–1.610GHz, average efficiency spanning 51% from 1.559–1.591GHz to 74% from 2.400–2.485GHz, and VSWR match extending from <2:1 for 2.400–2.485GHz frequencies to <1:2.2 for 1.593–1.610GHz frequencies are the other standout features of these antennas. These embedded onboard patch antennas are packaged and shipped in plastic trays and currently have an eight-week lead-time. You can find more information on the extensive antenna product portfolio on the AVX Antenna Solutions product page, or else you can download the AVX Antenna Selection Guide.

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