Low-Power, Small Footprint Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SoC Combo Module for Battery Powered IoT Connectivity

DA16600 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SoC Combo Module

Dialog Semiconductors has released a module that combines Wi-Fi and BLE capabilities into a single solution. Named DA16600, this two-in-one module comprises of two groundbreaking SoCs, the DA16200 and the SmartBond TINY DA14531. This combination provides best-in-class, low-power Wi-Fi, and BLE for customers and further broadens Dialog’s IoT connectivity portfolio. The DA16600 module leverages the capabilities of the SmartBond TINY DA14531, acknowledged as the world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth SoC to give designers maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.


This combo Wi-Fi and BLE module offer a reliable firmware solution with two complex protocol stacks, eliminating issues often caused by the co-existence of two radios at 2.4 GHz in the same design. BLE provides ease of configurability for Wi-Fi in the application, greatly simplifying the task of Wi-Fi set up for the end-user. The additional advantage is that there is a need to source two independent SoCs for any application.


This integrated two-in-one solution could further reduce development time and costs for the IoT devices. By combining the successful BLE solution with brand new Wi-Fi VirtualZero technology into one easy-to-use and configured module, will give consumers the best of both worlds with a single solution. The module is fully certified for worldwide operations, including certifications for FCC, IC, CE, Telec, Korea, and SRRC. It is also Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for interoperability.


Evaluation boards and a complete software development kit (SDK) are available for the DA16600 module via DigiKey. The SDK includes sample applications, provisioning apps, AT command library, power management tools, and more.

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