Masimo SafetyNet - Remote Patient Management System Can Monitor COVID19 Patients from their Homes

Masimo SafetyNet - Remote Patient Management System

The demand for remote monitoring and patient engagement in different settings has significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Monitoring oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate (RR), and temperature of suspected/confirmed COVID-19 patients is important as per the World Health Organization guidelines. To help prepare for a surge in COVID-19 patients and protect other patients and providers, a global medical technology company, Masimo and University Hospitals in Northeast Ohio have collaboratively introduced a new remote patient management solution. Named Masimo SafetyNet, is an innovative, economically scalable patient management system designed to help clinicians care for patients remotely.


The tool will allow UH and other hospitals to expand patient monitoring to the home or other locations. This includes a skilled nursing facility or an underutilized med-surg floor that is temporarily set up to address the increasing demand.


Masimo SafetyNet telehealth is a single-platform solution that combines a cloud-based surveillance platform with clinically proven SET pulse oximetry, which is estimated to be used on more than 200 million patients annually. In addition to SpO2, Radius PPG also helps in continuously monitor the pulse rate, perfusion index, PVi, and RRp, respiration rate from the photoplethysmograph.


This system will help in providing patients with a multi-day supply of single-patient-use Radius PPG sensors along with the access to the Doctella mobile app that is specifically designed for patient use with a digital home-care plan or CareProgram (which aligns with expert guidance on COVID-19)


Radius PPG shares its SpO2, PR, and RRp data using Bluetooth technology and Doctella can manually collect other physiological data like temperatures. Not just that, the app regularly asks patients questions like "Are you having trouble breathing?" or "What is your temperature?" Thereafter, it provides the entire data to clinicians for evaluation via the Doctella clinician website to help providers track patient compliance, identify needed interventions and offer insight to help prioritize patients. Moreover, the CarePrograms are customizable to accommodate institution protocols, patient needs and changes to COVID-19 guidance.


This will help patients with congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with this remote monitoring so that there is no risk of COVID-19 infection. Besides, patients with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis can be isolated from other patients while ensuring they have access to state-of-the-art care for managing their health through the recovery process.


This partnership to deploy 'outside-in' tactics will help patients receive cutting-edge treatment approaches. The University Hospitals plans to begin piloting the system this week.