Murata-based Pycom F01 H7 Evaluation Kit (EVK) to Reduce Time-to-Market by 70%

Murata-based Pycom F01 H7 Evaluation Kit

According to a recent Transforma Insights research study, the number of IoT devices around the world is predicted to grow from 7.6 billion in 2019 to 24 billion in 2030. With the number of IoT devices increasing exponentially, there is a rising need to reduce time-to-market. To help reduce the time-to-market for IoT projects, Murata in collaboration with Pycom has come up with the F01 H7 evaluation kit (EVK) that delivers full-stack IoT. This new Murata-based Pycom evaluation kit (EVK) reduces time-to-market by 70% and is ideal for companies looking to develop and scale IoT solutions with low-power devices, long battery life, and high levels of device reliability.


The F01 H7 evaluation kit makes it possible for developers to save time and money by moving rapidly and seamlessly through all IoT project stages with ease. Developers can go from EVK to building final products without losing time redesigning or recoding. This evaluation kit comes with Pycom’s cloud-based device management platform and a new software development kit (SDK) that enables the user to easily manage their devices, LPWAN networks and data feed from the very first to the final stage of deployment.


Based on Murata’s 1SC and 1SJ cellular Cat-NB1/M1 and LoRa(WAN) modules, the new F01 H7 EVK ensures that devices are connected. The notable features include four LPWAN networks in one small OEM module, flexibly mounted on different boards, M.2, feather, reference designs, or custom designed PCBs. Other features include an ARM Cortex H7 microcontroller and an NXP security chip. Both the Murata-based Pycom EVK and SDK are scheduled to be available from 15 September 2021.


Features of F01 H7 OEM Module

  • Powerful ARM Cortex CPU
  • MuRata network modules
  • Flagship NXP Security chip
  • Easily SMT mounts onto standard carrier boards, breadboards, or M.2 boards
  • More than 60 usable pins accessed via a High Destiny Socket
  • Optional External Radios, RGB LEDs, Reset buttons, and more
  • Four Networks including WiFi, BLE, Cellular LTE–CAT M1/NB1, LoRa (and Sigfox as optional addition)
  • World ready as one product covers all LoRa(WAN) frequencies and LTE–M bands
  • MicroPython programmable with Ultra-Low power usage: a fraction of other connected microcontrollers
  • Size 40mm x 16mm x 2.7mm (with headers)