New Asset Tracking System Combines Wirepas Mesh Networking, Cellular Connectivity, and GNSS for Precise Position Monitoring

Asset Tracking and Environment Monitoring

Velavu has launched an asset management ecosystem designed for a range of applications including GNSS vehicle tracking, as well as precision and mixed environment tracking. The solution is comprised of the ‘Arda’ asset tag, the ‘Manta’ safety wearable, the ‘Pavo’ mesh anchor and the ‘Vesta’ GPS tag and mobile gateway. The small form factor Arda tag integrates temperature, humidity, motion, and impact sensors, and can be placed on assets to provide positioning data, as well as environmental monitoring. 

Manta also provides positioning information and sensor data, but is a wrist-worn wearable designed for personnel. It has an OLED screen which can be used to communicate messages to the wearer, and a button to generate safety alerts. The Pavo anchors are placed throughout a facility to form the mesh network and provide coverage in desired areas. Each anchor has a communication range of about 15 meters and a battery life of five years.

The Vesta GPS tag and gateway can be used to track vehicles and to transmit vehicle inventory or mesh network data. The ecosystem of devices is designed for use in a variety of markets, including transportation, emergency services, healthcare, and defense. It employs Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF9160 SiP for both its cellular capabilities and to act as a Wirepas Mesh gateway. It also integrates Nordic’s nRF52833 SoC to communicate with other nearby mesh-networked tags enabling vehicle inventory and ‘left behind alert’ functionality. The asset tags, safety wearable, and mesh anchors all employ the nRF52833 SoC to allow the devices to act as Wirepas nodes and anchors within the mesh network.