OKDO Introduced Jetson Nano AI Development Kit for Makers, Startups and Educators

Nvidia Jetson Nano AI Development Kit

OKdo which is the part of Electrocomponents plc has introduced the Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit promising out-of-the-box support for full desktop Linux, compatible with many peripherals and accessories, ready-to-use projects and tutorials. 


OKdo is a global technology company that aims primarily on single board computing (SBC) and the internet of things (IoT). The company is endorsed by the world’s leading technology companies and is committed to expand its impressive partnership network.


The launch of Nvidia Jetson Nano kit ensures to successfully bring the AI applications within the reach of the makers, engineers, inventors, designers, etc.  Built on the same architecture and software that powers the world’s fastest supercomputers, Jetson Nano, the AI development kit offers high-performance and power-efficient computing. The kit features NVIDIA’s JetPack SDK, which is built on CUDA-X with complete AI software stack with accelerated libraries for deep learning, computer graphics and multimedia processing and computer vision to support the Jetson Nano.


With the capacity of delivering 472 Gflops of computing performance, consuming as little as 5 watts, the kit enables the users to run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like object detection, speech processing, image classification, video search, face recognition, segmentation, etc. 


The kit supports high-resolution sensors, has modern neural networks on each sensor stream and can process multiple sensors in parallel. Complementing many popular AI frameworks, it is an apt choice for developers to integrate AI into their products. The Jetson Nano Development Kit is available at £79.99.