OPTIGA Authenticate IDoT Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Enhanced Device Authentication and Flexibility in Industrial Applications

OPTIGA Authenticate IDoT

Infineon Technologies has introduced the OPTIGA Authenticate IDoT(Identity of Things) anti-counterfeit turnkey solution which combines enhanced authentication with unprecedented levels of configuration flexibility. Packed in a proven and robust TSHP SMD housing the new device delivers enhanced hardware ECC-based security and outstanding flexibility to address customer and application requirements.


Offering an extended temperature range of -40°C to +120 °C in a smaller 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.38 mm3 package, the OPTIGA Authenticate IDoT is suitable for industrial applications and supports the ever-growing and ubiquitous requirements for authentication. They can be used in HVAC and water filters, rechargeable batteries for portable devices, light electric vehicles as well as computing and robotic systems in highly complex eMobility, industrial, and IoT environments.


The OPTIGA Authenticate IDoT supports four ECC authentication modes: one-way, mutual, host binding, and host support. Designers can select from three temperature ranges, two communication profiles, three sets of memory, and four integrated secured decremental counters with secured lifecycle management, capless LDO, and robust ESD protection.


The device comes with evaluation and development kits that simplify the integration of security solutions along with full SDK, the host code library, and a C-base application interface (AIP) to offer a strong platform for easy application testing.


Features of OPTIGA Authenticate IDoT

  • 4 ECC authentication modes (one-way, mutual, host binding, and host support)
  • 3 types of lockable NVM Sizes (1K, 2K, 5Kbit)
  • 2 standard temperature options (-40 to +85°C / -40 to  +105°C, with one special -40 to +120°C)
  • 2 ECC 163-bit and 193-bit ODC
  • 2 Serial communication options (SWI & I2C + GPO)
  • Secured lifecycle decrement counters with independent deactivation structures
  • Configurable GPO Auto trigger
  • Configurable User NVM loc

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