Renesas 32-Bit Microcontrollers to Support Microsoft Azure RTOS for Enabling Secure Embedded IoT Development

Renesas 32-Bit Microcontrollers Support Microsoft Azure RTOS

The Microsoft Azure Real-Time Operating System(RTOS) embedded development suite is now accessible by the designers using all mainstream Renesas 32-bit MCU families. The Azure RTOS is integrated and available out-of-box in the recently released Flexible Software Package (FSP) version 3.0 for the Renesas’ RA Family MCUs, and the Synergy Software Package (SSP) version 2.0 for Synergy MCUs.


Microsoft Azure Real-Time Operating System(RTOS) is an advanced real-time operating system that comes with advanced features such as picokernel architecture, preemption threshold, event chaining, and a rich set of system services. With features such as real-time multithreading, inter-thread communication and synchronization, and memory management, the Azure RTOS ThreadX can be used in deeply embedded applications.


In addition to Azure RTOS ThreadX, designers RA, RX, and Synergy applications can also leverage Azure RTOS FileX high-performance File Allocation Table (FAT)-compatible file system, Azure RTOS GUIX embedded graphical user interface (GUI) application design environment, Azure RTOS TraceX Windows-based analysis tool, Azure RTOS NetX Duo industrial-grade dual IPv4 and IPv6 TCP/IP network stack and Azure RTOS USBX high-performance USB host and embedded stack.


Feature of Azure RTOS

  • Predictably fast performance and a remarkably small footprint
  • Easily connect to the cloud and local networks
  • Develop durable flash file systems
  • Seamlessly connect the most popular MCUs and MPUs
  • Reliable, real-time performance 

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