Revamped OpenRemote IoT Platform for Flexibility and Ease-of-Use to Create Customized IoT Applications

Revamped OpenRemote IoT Platform

OpenRemote has announced the release of its renewed IoT platform which is the 100% open-source IoT platform that provides flexibility for users to create customized IoT applications and broadens accessibility beyond developers and programmers. The OpenRemote platform comprises a dashboard, an iOS, and Android console, and a web component library to help front-end developers in building their apps for desktop or mobile. The ‘non-coders’ such as the project or business managers can set up rules to monitor the system using the dashboard.


It includes three editors in the rules engine viz. When-Then rules to trigger actions or alerts, flow editor for data processing, and Groovy for advanced user programming. Besides, the insights dashboard can be easily configured to visualize any data in the system and is used to report KPIs or flag up any system anomalies. OpenRemote comes with the Edge Gateway ‘interconnection’ feature that enables companies to build their own IoT system.


This central platform enables remote management and control, while each instance can still function autonomously. The software ensures smart optimization across a full range of assets like vehicle fleets or energy systems. Full access to the source code provides users with the right skill set to adjust the code in line with their business requirements to design, build, and manage fit-for-purpose applications.


Features of Renewed OpenRemote IoT Platform

  • 100% open-source platform
  • Full access to the source code
  • Powerfully intuitive front end manager
  • Features  Edge Gateway ‘interconnection’
  • Includes three editors (When-Then, flow editor, and Groovy) 



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