STMicroelectronics Joins Zigbee Alliance BoD to Accelerate IoT Connectivity and Wireless Technology Solutions

STMicroelectronics Joins Zigbee Alliance BoD

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader has joined the Board of Directors of the Zigbee Alliance. This is a major step taken by both the companies as along other Zigbee Alliance promoter member companies, ST plans for the adoption and evolution of Zigbee to make the development for manufacturers simple, and increase device compatibility for consumers.


The companies have come together seeing the high demand for reliable IoT connectivity and the tremendously growing trend towards wireless technologies. Including the wireless technologies in ST’s microcontroller product portfolio, will prove beneficial as it will offer greater flexibility in device architecture and faster transition for the mass market to add connectivity. With the evolution of the connectivity and IoT markets, the STM32 MCU/MPU products include strongly integrated security mechanisms to guarantee IP and privacy protection.


With the ST’s membership at the Zigbee Alliance BoD, the company aims to bring more visibility to the technology and accelerate new product developments with improved interoperability and cross-technology compatibility.