SterlingLWB5 – WiFi and Bluetooth 5 Combo Module for IoT Devices in Harsh RF Environments

SterlingLWB5 WiFi and Bluetooth 5 Combo Module

Laird Connectivity has introduced the Sterling-LWB5+ Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 5.1 module that is powered by CYW4373E silicon from Cypress. Intentionally designed for industrial IoT applications where performance, size, cost, and ruggedness are required to deliver reliable wireless connectivity, the Sterling-LWB5+ is secure and reliable.


Based on the customer feedback, the module caters to industrial IoT devices, is fully certified, and simplifies customers’ BOM, thereby reducing certification costs and improving time-to-market. Endowed with rich feature-set including 802.11ac Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth, the module with an industrial temperature specification and a solder-down module form factor is perfectly suitable for industrial devices where vibration and impacts are common.


This new module comes with an integrated PA (Power Amplifier) and LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) and antenna diversity to ensure reliable connectivity in harsh industrial IoT application areas including rugged handheld devices, industrial IoT connectivity, industrial IoT sensors, and battery-powered medical devices. The module supports the latest WPA3 security standards and it will be globally certified. FCC, IC, CE, Giteki, and RCM are the only pending certifications.