Battery Powered, Portable 400G Network Tester for Monitoring Network Quality from 10 Mbps to 400Gbps

Anritsu's 400G Network Master Pro MT1040A

To meet customers’ needs in facilitating the widespread roll-out of high-speed networks and lighten operators' onsite workloads, Anritsu Corporation commercially released 400G Network Master Pro MT1040A. The latest update on the same is that this battery-powered tester with directly mounted QFSP-DD optical modules is now made available for sale.


The 400G Network Master Pro MT1040A is a compact portable battery-driven tester that helps in evaluating the quality of communication of networks operating at speeds from 10 Mbps to 400 Gbps. Always-on Forward Error Correction (FEC) is a key technology for achieving 400G Ethernet speeds.


All-in-one communications network evaluations and efficient measurement work using automatic testing and remote control are its standout features. With a full range of built-in test functions, the new telecom world’s smallest B5-size MT1040A offers a simultaneously installable 10M-to-100G interface for access, metro, mobile fronthaul/backhaul, and data-center transmission quality tests (BER, throughput, frame loss, and latency measurements). Besides, the easy-to-use GUI, remote-control-over-network option, and auto-test functions add-up to a tester with unparalleled measurement efficiency.


Anritsu previously launched its MT1000A tester supporting communication speeds up to 100 Gbps for networks and data centers. This portable Ethernet tester inherits its predecessor’s easy usability while adding new functions for even more efficient testing, installation, and maintenance of faster networks (up to 400G speeds). The simultaneous installation of any of the optional MU100020A/MU100021A/MU100022A/MU100023A OTDR modules too support the measurement of optical fiber lines for fault troubleshooting. Moreover, the on-site testing work efficiency is increased by the one-button automatic testing function for pass/fail evaluations at multiple tests.