Cellular-to-Cloud IoT Development Platforms with Cat-M1 Cellular Module to Enable End-to-End Cloud Connectivity

Cellular-to-Cloud IoT Development Platform

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced two new cloud development kits CK-RA6M5 and CK-RX65N that are equipped with the RYZ014A Cat-M1 module which offers the ability to establish a wireless connection between MCUs and cloud services quickly and securely without a gateway. These cloud kits are ready to connect to global cloud service providers such as AWS Cloud and IoT services. Armed with these cloud kits, users can rapidly develop IoT cloud products and solutions without having to design their own complex circuitry and software stacks. 

Both kits are designed to run on AWS (Amazon Web Services) FreeRTOS for CK-RA6M5 using FSP (Flexible Software Package) and CK-RX65N using RDP (RX Driver Package). Once connected to AWS IoT Core, the kits have access to many Cloud and IoT services from AWS for data analytics and IoT device management.

Key Features

  • Two network connectivity options: RYZ014A LTE Cat-M1 Pmod and Ethernet
  • Highly secure Arm® Cortex®-M33 core-based RA6M5 MCUs with TrustZone® and Secure Crypto Engine, and RX65N MCUs with TSIP (Trusted Secure IP)
  • AWS qualified devices with a comprehensive software suite and a custom designed dashboard to visualize sensor data