Compact BP35C5 Wi-SUN FAN Wireless Communication Module for Empowering the Infrastructure of Smart Cities

BP35C5 Wi-SUN FAN Wireless Communication Module

ROHM has developed the BP35C5, an in-house ultra-small (15.0mm x 19.0mm) Wi-SUN FAN (Field Area Network) module that can be connected with up to 1000 devices for enabling the configuration of a remote wireless management system in an entire city. Certified by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Business), the BP35C5 includes the necessary security function for carrying out secure communication without the need for complicated control.


The Wi-SUN FAN module for infrastructure applications developed by ROHM can be connected to up to 1000 nodes in a mesh network. Designed to eliminate the communication cost associated with conventional LPWA (Low-Power Wide-Area) wireless standards, the Wi-SUN enables superior reliability through multi-hop networks that automatically switch destinations after signal verification. 


Features of BP35C5 ultra-small Wi-SUN FAN Module

  • Wi-SUN FAN certified
  • Supports multi-hop mesh network
  • Supports channel hopping
  • Supports high data rates
  • RF designed
  • Antenna terminal 50Ω impedance adjusted
  • Transmission output power adjusted
  • Built-in Wi-SUN FAN software stack