Dual-Action IX15 Programmable IoT Gateway Connects Digi XBee-Enabled Devices to Remote Applications over Cellular and Ethernet

Digi IX15 IoT Gateway and Cellular Router

Solving the dual purpose of a gateway and a router, the new Digi IX15 released by Digi International is the smart affordable solution that enables customers to chip down DIY designs for networking operations in an affordable manner. This industrial-grade IoT gateway is an ideal pick for developers looking for a highly secure, common platform to cut costs and reduce time-to-market.


With certification for Class 1 Division 2 deployment and rugged enclosureDigi IX15 IoT Gateway and Cellular Router is suitable for the harsh environments found in oil and gas, water/wastewater, solar, agriculture, and other industrial applications. The device connects with Digi XBee modules to cloud applications over cellular or Ethernet thereby providing the easiest path to Internet connectivity for the Digi XBee Ecosystem of hardware, software, services, and tools.


It works seamlessly with Digi Remote Manager enabling efficient configuration, deployment, monitoring, and management of many mission-critical devices and assets from a single device. Equipped with the latest Python programming implementation, it ensures high reliability, simplicity, and security to edge computing. Besides, it also simplifies all phases of the product development lifecycle. The Digi IX15 industrial gateway and router has been made available through global distribution partners.


Features of Digi IX15 IoT Gateway and Cellular Router

  • Digi XBee (Zigbee, DigiMesh, 802.15.4), Bluetooth 5.0, and RS-232/485 for connection to local devices
  • Open source Python environment for custom application development
  • LTE Cat 4 cellular and 10/100 Ethernet WAN connectivity
  • Digi Remote Manager platform for easy setup, mass configuration/firmware updates, remote device management, and out-of-band management
  • Full-featured industrial cellular routing platform
  • Redundant connectivity with dual SIMs and Digi SureLink
  • Built-in Digi TrustFence for device security, device identity, and data privacy


Note: More technical information can be found in the Digi IX15 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.

Component Datasheet