MultiTech Reveal line of Sensors with LoRa Technology for Long-range, Low Cost, and Extended Battery Life Applications

MultiTech Reveal line of Sensors

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. has announced the extension of its MultiTech Reveal line of Sensors with LoRa technology to communicate over European bands and engineered for long-range, low cost, and extended battery life applications. These sensors are designed for superior RF and battery performance with integrated, fit-for-purpose sensing technologies addressing use cases in food safety, smart buildings, and industrial applications. 

The Reveal sensor offering includes a Web-based application development console for integration of the sensors with leading LNS providers enabling rapid application development. With the addition of the new sensor line MultiTech is now able to provide an integrated approach to an IoT solution from sensors, to embedded communications devices, modems and gateways, cloud connectivity and device management services along with application development software tools.