Compact and High-Performance Weather IoT Sensor “Soratena Pro" Observe Heavy Rain and Strong Winds Every Minute

weather IoT sensor

Weathernews Inc and OMRON Corporation have jointly developed a new weather IoT sensor "Soratena Pro" which is a compact and high-performance weather IoT sensor that can observe seven elements every minute: air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall amount, wind direction, wind velocity, and illuminance. "Soratena Pro" can visualize on-site weather conditions using the high-performance weather IoT sensor and communicate weather changes as quickly as possible through the application, so it can be used for corporate safety measures and productivity improvement in agriculture, construction, drones, logistics, sports, electric power, food retail, apparel, and other industries.

Weathernews and OMRON will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by helping to promote a digital society and reduce disaster risks through "Soratena Pro.” It uses OMRON's sensing technology to enhance the performance of rain and wind sensors which can detect elevated disaster risks through observation of heavy rain and strong winds of 50 mm/h and 50 m/s, respectively.

Weathernews will develop this business as a new SaaS-type solution service by linking "Soratena Pro" with the "weathernews" application which boasts a cumulative total of 35 million downloads. As a result, you can seamlessly check various contents including paid features such as observation data, weather forecast, rain cloud radar, blackout risk prediction, etc. with the "weathernews" application. In addition, push notifications will alert you when the observed air temperature, rainfall amount, or wind velocity exceeds the set value, helping you to reliably detect disaster risks and respond quickly. Furthermore, PC-version applications are available, allowing you to download past observation data and analyze the weather conditions and damage at the time.