Ultra-Compact High Luminous Intensity CSL1104WB White Chip LEDs for Harsh Industrial and Automotive Applications

CSL1104WB White Chip LEDs

Rohm has introduced the CSL1104WB, an ultra-compact high luminous intensity white chip LEDs optimized for applications requiring high brightness white light emissions, such as IoT devices, drones, and other battery-equipped applications. The device achieves a high luminous intensity of 2.0cd in an ultra-compact 1608 size (1.6mm x 0.8mm) with an 87% smaller form factor than the current mainstream 3528 size PLCC package.


The color variation of the LED has significantly improved. This simplifies the color adjustment process by ensuring accurate white color chromaticity. In addition to greater application space-saving, the CSL1104WB also improves design flexibility along with visibility through high-density mounting of high luminosity LEDs, reducing development load considerably. 


Qualified by the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q102 specifically developed for optical devices, CSL1104WB enables smooth application inside industrial equipment and automotive applications exposed to harsh environments.


Features of CSL1104WB White Chip LEDs

  • Luminous Intensity(Single)(Typ.)[mcd]: 2000.0
  • Power Dissipation [mW]: 144
  • 0603 compact size
  • High-intensity reflector type
  • Improved color variation
  • Operating Temperature[°C]: -40 to 110


Note: More technical information can be found in the CSL1104WB Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.

Component Datasheet