DAQiFi Nyquist 1: Open-source, Battery Powered, Wi-Fi-Enabled IoT Data-Acquisition System

Nyquist 1 from DAQiFi: IoT Data-Acquisition System

Nyquist 1 from DAQiFi is a self-contained, mobile connected, battery powered, wireless data acquisition device that is perfect for general data acquisition applications where economical, feature-rich DAQs are required. This device is completely wireless, utilizing a built-in Li-Ion battery for power and an 802.11 WiFi connection, allowing it to be deployed virtually anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, as it uses the 802.11 standard, it can be used on existing Wi-Fi networks in many facilities.

Open-source hardware and software allow DAQiFi Nyquist to be adapted to any data acquisition application. Drivers and APIs are available to interface with 3rd party software such as Node-RED, NI LabVIEW or Wolfram Mathematica. It eliminates the need for a dedicated PC plugged into each data acquisition solution. Multiple Nyquist devices can be part of a single data collection system, each wirelessly delivering the data it collects to a single client. PCs, experiments, machines, robots, etc. can all be connected to the same client all at once.


Key Features

  • 802.11 n Wi-Fi and USB 2.0
  • Windows and Android client apps
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Sampling rates up to 10 kHz aggregate (1000 Hz per channel)
  • Integrated 4000 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • SCPI compliant command structure
  • (16) 5 V general purpose I/O 30 mA sink/source
  • (16) 12-Bit 0-5 V Analog in RSE or (4) differential and (8) RSE
  • 2 x Independent (digital and analog) 5 V regulated power outputs

The DAQiFi hardware is designed to be incredibly robust. All its ports and electrical interfaces are protected against overvoltage, overcurrent, electrostatic discharge, and reverse polarity. The USB interface and internal lithium-ion battery are protected with automatically resetting polyfuses and are safeguarded against overvoltage, overcurrent, improper charging, and temperature extremes.

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