Open-Source LwM2M Client for Efficient Mass IoT Device Deployments

Open-Source LwM2M Client

The IoT device and data management company, Friendly Technologies has released an open-source LwM2M client to support at-scale management of IoT devices globally. This fully-featured, high-quality LwM2M Client that is efficient and requires a very low footprint for RAM, Flash, and CPU resources enables IoT device manufacturers in efficient mass IoT device deployments while complying with industry standards.


The professional Embedded LwM2M Client and associated SDK is available as free open-source software (FOSS) project that aims to promote telecommunication and IoT industry maturation worldwide. It allows for interoperability to any standards-based device management platform and can be extended to suit specific IoT target devices or application needs.


Features of LwM2M Client

  • The client footprint is less than 100K
  • Supported OS: Android, Linux POSIX. The client can be ported with other Oss
  • Support for v.1.1 OSCORE object
  • Based on efficient, secure IETF standards
  • Efficient Payloads: Plain text for individual resources
  • SDK for customization and additional development


Along with the LwM2M client, the company offers a commercial standard-based LwM2M server for testing or lab development. Customers can get a copy of the FOSS LwM2M client by directly contacting Friendly Technologies. The company will be making the Github account details on the website soon.