Find Out How Godrej Plans To Transform Smart Home With AI and IoT Technologies

Smart Home With AI and IoT Technologies

Media reports highlighted that in 2022, the volume of people using smart home devices increased by 57.4 million

A smart home is furnished with various interconnected devices that makes life trouble-free and safer for the people. For instance, a smart watch can notify you of time, social networking updates, monitor your heart rate etc., a smart home utilizes interconnected devices that help people with voice-enabled home assistants, remote security control, and other features. Media reports highlighted that in 2022, the volume of people using smart home devices increased by 57.4 million.

In an exclusive interaction with Time Now, Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice President & Business Head at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd stated that our smart home should look like-safe lock coupled with cutting-edge AI backed systems. According to Motwani, the company has been involved in the smart lock system for over a decade and they made two major investments on Consumer Internet of Things ventures targeting hospitality and the residential sectors. Other than the traditional biometric and RFID systems, the company is working on connected locks, which can be controlled remotely.

The article also mentioned strategies of addressing the safety concerns. Motwani told Times Now, “The transition from mechanical to digital isn’t without concerns, especially around safety and reliability. All data resides on Indian servers to mitigate privacy risks. We also provide mechanical safety overrides and a feature to juice up the lock with a power bank in emergencies.”

Motwani further opines that AI cannot be kept aside from smart lock systems. Compared to the previous times, AI applications in this domain are only a matter of time. Based on the user behavior, personalized security protocols could be offered by AI. Although the technology is powerful and attractive, deployment and adoption is a huge hindrance. This is because the previous generation is a bit skeptical to adopt it and this is like a ‘change management’ issue. During the interaction, Motwani further added that how the company is focussing on awareness campaign to enable the transition seamless for both the customers and dealers.