GN2256: Bidirectional Tri-Edge CDR with Integrated Differential EML Driver for 50Gbps SFP56 PAM4 5G Wireless Optical Modules

GN2256 Tri-Edge CDR

Semtech Corporation has announced the sampling of the newest member of its Tri-Edge CDR portfolio, the GN2256. The new device comes with an integrated Tri-Edge CDR platform with a differential EML (Externally Modulated Laser) driver. It can enable 50Gbps PAM4 Fixed-WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing), Tunable WDM, and Silicon Photonics optical modules. With an ultra-low latency and low power, the GN2256  uses low-cost 25Gbps bandwidth optics to operate at 50Gbps PAM4.


The GN2256 combines Semtech’s proprietary analog Tri-Edge technology with enhanced laser driver compensation to enable IEEE and Open Eye MSA compliant optical modules over industrial temperature ranges. The company’s Tri-Edge 5G platform addresses the full range of optical modules needed for all regions by enabling multiple types of SFP56 optical modules operating at 50Gbps PAM4. The GN2256 Tri-Edge CDR is available for sampling and the company will be providing a complete Reference Design Kit (RDK) including complete module-level firmware to enable rapid adoption of Semtech’s solution.


Features of GN2256 Tri-Edge CDR

  • Low power enabling <2.0W module
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Semtech’s 50Gbps PAM4 Tri-Edge technology
  • Semtech’s proprietary EML compensation
  • Industrial temperature -40°C to 100°C
  • Small package size