High-performance ESP32-S3-SoC-BOX-3 Provides a Solution for Developers Looking to Create Edge AI and HMI Applications

ESP32-S3-SoC-BOX-3 development kit

Espressif Systems has announced the latest addition to its lineup of development kits, the ESP32-S3-BOX-3. This fully open-source AIoT development kit is based on the powerful ESP32-S3 AI SoC, and is designed to revolutionize the field of traditional development boards and establish itself as a next-generation development tool. ESP32-S3-BOX-3 comes packed with a rich set of assemblies, empowering developers to easily customize and expand its functionality with Espressif's trusted software solutions such as ESP-SR, ESP RainMaker and Matter solution.

Powered by the high-performance ESP32-S3 SoC, BOX-3 provides an out-of-the-box solution for developers looking to create Edge AI and HMI applications. Its advanced features and capabilities make it an ideal choice for those in the IIoT industry who want to embrace Industry 4.0 and transform traditional factory operating systems. ESP32-S3-BOX-3 is based on Espressif’s ESP32-S3 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 (LE) SoC, with AI acceleration capabilities. In addition to ESP32-S3’s 512KB SRAM, ESP32-S3-BOX-3 comes with 16MB of Quad flash and 16MB of Octal PSRAM.

ESP32-S3-BOX-3 runs Espressif’s own speech recognition framework ESP-SR, which enables it to provide users with an offline AI voice assistant. It features far-field voice interaction, continuous recognition, wake-up interruption, and the ability to recognize over 200 customizable command words. BOX-3 can also be transformed into an online AI chatbot using advanced AIGC development platforms like OpenAI.