Infineon Technologies and NuCurrent Partner to Enhance NFC Technology for Energy Harvesting and Charging Applications

Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology

Infineon Technologies has entered into a partnership with NuCurrent, a company specializing in wireless power systems, in order to enhance the capabilities of Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology for energy harvesting and charging applications. This partnership will incorporate NuCurrent's expertise in wireless power technology and design with Infineon's NFC controllers, which offer a single-chip solution for developing actuation or sensing applications on a small scale.

The partnership will initially focus on Infineon's Energy Harvesting actuator and sensing ICs. The goal of this collaboration is to eliminate or reduce the need for batteries in a range of applications, including locks and sensors, by providing a secure, low-maintenance alternative through contactless energy transfer. NuCurrent's advanced design tools and IP and development services will also allow OEMs to bring products to market more quickly. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the design, sustainability, and user experience of various products, and could enable entirely new features for product developers by expanding the capabilities of energy harvesting.

The joint offering is expected to transform a wide range of applications, particularly locks in industrial, office, and hospital settings, by providing greater convenience and flexibility for users while simultaneously reducing key management costs for private and commercial properties. The partnership will also enable entirely new categories of battery-free sensors that are triggered by NFC energy harvesting. A smart lock with energy harvesting features will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).