Kudelski Releases IoT Security Platform integrated with STM32 Microcontrollers for Industrial IoT and Automotive Applications

Kudelski's IoT Security Platform Integrated with STM32 Microcontroller

The Kudelski Group has launched its IoT Security Platform integrated with the ST4SIM-200M (an industrial-grade eSIM solution) and the STM32 MCU series. Providing high-end security features in combination with SIM connectivity, this is a well-designed and adapted answer to the increasing security requirements of industrial and automotive connected devices.


The solution allows users to have access to a rich set of APIs that allow key security features like zero-touch provisioning, end-to-end data encryption, secure FOTA, remote attestation, secure storage and processing, and device and command authentication.


Specifically adapted to the high-performance, high-security requirements of automotive and industrial IoT applications, the IoT Security platform introduced by Kudelski ensures to provide end-to-end protection from silicon to cloud for IoT devices, thereby securely and sustainably enabling new business models and operational efficiencies. Equipment manufacturers will be benefitted from the solution as it ensures device security, data security, access management, and active security to safeguard the entire product lifecycle. The Platform has already been adopted by communication service providers and consumer electronics, medical, asset tracking, and industrial IoT partners and clients.

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