LoRa Cloud Locator Cloud Service to Demonstrate the Asset Tracking Capabilities of LoRa Edge

Semtech's LoRa Cloud Locator Cloud Service

Semtech Corporation has announced its breakthrough SaaS chip-to-Cloud service LoRa Cloud Locator that uses Semtech’s LoRa Cloud Modem & Geolocation services and delivers a simple end-to-end experience for customers to evaluate LoRa Edge implemented in various ecosystem trackers, either on a private or public LoRaWAN network. This new service evaluates the accuracy and power consumption capabilities of the LoRa Edge platform which offers an ultra-low power and cost-effective solution for indoor/outdoor asset tracking use cases.

LoRa Cloud Locator features built-in serverless technology and is designed specifically to work with trackers using Semtech’s LoRa Edge LR-series chips with minimal effort. Once configured on the service, together with Semtech’s LoRa wireless radio frequency technology for transmission to the Cloud, customers are able to view the tracker location on the map in typically in less than 15 minutes.