LoRa-Based Connectivity to Transform Maritimes and Improve Efficiency

LoRa-Based Connectivity to Transform Maritimes and Improve Efficiency

Wilhelmsen, a global maritime industry group along with The Things Industries (TTI) leverages Semtech’s LoRa devices to deliver cost-effective, robust and proven IoT solutions to the maritime shipping industry. Semtech’s LoRa devices will act as the foundation for the new global 2.4GHz maritime IoT network.

By deploying the new LoRa-based connectivity in its operations, Wilhelmsen aims to improve efficiencies and offer its customers the proven, connected IoT solutions.

Spearheaded by Wilhelmsen’s ship management division, the new IoT platform will be used to deliver digital condition monitoring, asset tracking, and logistical applications.

Traditionally, sensor data on ships is carried through wired systems and managed through periodic manual readings. However, the LoRa-based wireless sensors will put predictive maintenance in place by gathering data about the condition of machinery, fuel efficiency, environmental metrics, and cargo. The main aim is to minimize the risk of vessel idle time due to repair or incidents. Besides, the system can optimize the performance of processes, reducing manpower, waste, and cost.

By choosing TTI to develop its IoT platform, Wilhelmsen has successfully aimed to tap into an existing global ecosystem of vendors and service providers thereby providing access to a marketplace of certified sensors, hardware designers, systems integrators, and application developers.

The LoRa-based infrastructure and devices will work with the onboard app store project called ShipOS, headed by Norwegian maritime technology provider, RaaLabs. 

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