Plug & Play Lora Modem for Digital IoT Sensor Interface using Serial Communication

BR100 LoRa Modem Device

A team of communication technology veterans from Synap Technologies has developed an automatic and highly secure BR100 LoRa Modem device. With this care-free, long-range connectivity, users can build up a standalone ad-hoc IoT network easily. Additionally, they can connect any sensor with a generic RS-485 serial interface.


The lately developed LoRa modem enables wireless communication, and help users get value from the sensor data (application development or backend data analytics). The BR100 modem provides wireless connectivity for any type of device (digital sensors, display units, and computers) that can communicate serially using the RS485 standard. It uses the Synap Wireless IoT communication protocol to communicate over the LoRa radio.


Key Features of BR100 LoRa Modem

Plug & Play Cable Replacement: Digital sensors with Modbus/RS-485 are abundant in the market. Connect any RS-485 legacy sensor to a BR100 modem and it becomes an IoT-capable sensor. No programming experience or any hardware integration project is needed.


Long Range LoRa Wireless Modem: The modem replaces physical cables with Semtech’s LoRa, one of the best long-range wireless communication technologies available. The BR100 network can work as a standalone ad-hoc network without an Internet connection. A Network ID is assigned to all BR100 and X10 devices which will listen only to messages carrying the same Network ID and discard all messages from other devices are discarded.


Repeater function and message looping prevention: BR100 modem can be turned into a signal repeater and no configuration or programming is needed. All you got to do is simply install the BR100 repeater to extend the network range. Message looping between repeaters close to each other can be avoided with the help of a smart algorithm.


Dynamic Security Key in SynapShield: SynapShield is the security protocol of Synap Wireless IoT that helps in protecting Synap equipment. SynapShield enforces AES-256 encryption with a dynamic encryption key, changing for every data packet transmitted. Also, SHA 256 bit hashing helps in data integrity checks.


Cloud-based data access and centralized network controller: It is available in the advanced package with X10 mini data collector and cloud service. The entire data is downloadable in real-time via MQTT service. Network management is done remotely from the Cloud Controller and no additional host controller hardware is needed at the local deployment site. Additionally, the BR100 modem can be remotely configured to handle different types of sensors thereby solving the problem of programming a modem to control its sensor. The profile containing the sensor’s commands is easily downloaded from the Cloud Controller to the modem.


The project is currently on Kickstarter and is at the final stage of the PCB board and casing design. The manufacturing is scheduled to be done around June 2020 and shipping will be done in the very next month i.e. July 2020.


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