DevAppSol Integrates LoRaWAN into Smart Asset Tracking Solution to Track Luggage Trolleys for Reducing Airport Management Cost

DevAppSol’s End-to-End IoT Deployment

Semtech Corporation has made an announcement that DevApp Tech Solutions has integrated the LoRaWAN protocol into its smart asset tracking solution for luggage trolleys at Hyderabad International Airport. The new application leverages on-premise private LoRaWAN networks to accurately manage and track trolleys as they move throughout the airport grounds.


DevAppSol’s end-to-end IoT deployment at Hyderabad International Airport consists of 3,000 trolley sensors based on LoRa devices and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and 100 LoRa-BLE concentrators, two outdoor and six indoor LoRaWAN gateways. The web applications that are accessible from a desktop or smart device display sensor data in real-time enabling airport staff with actionable insights to simplify and create smarter management processes, including zoning, geo-fencing, and energy saving.


The private LoRaWAN network of the app covers the entirety of the airport’s grounds to allow the efficient monitoring of trolleys in use and the location of each. The solution was initially rolled out in November 2019 due to which airport management has witness direct saving growth of 30% to 40% and indirect savings up to 60% as a result of increased management effectiveness in areas like increased inventory accuracy and efficiency, smart planning and stocking at airport hot spots based on varying arrival and departure information and an overall reduction in trolley theft.