ST87M01 Location-aware Cellular IoT Modules Receives Vodafone and GCF Certifications

ST87M01 Location-aware Cellular IoT Modules

STMicroelectronics has announced the achievement of Vodafone NB-IoT certification of its ST87M01 NB-IoT and GNSS modules. The ST87M01 combines cellular IoT connectivity and geolocation in a miniaturized, low-power, integrated module featured for wide-ranging IoT and smart-industrial applications. This module has also been recently certified by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) that promotes interoperability of mobile and IoT products. It complies with 3GPP Release 15 and provides extended multi-regional LTE coverage.

Bringing together reliable geolocation capability with long-term assured cellular connectivity, the ST87M01 module addresses emerging massive IoT applications such as smart traffic-emergency lights. NB-IoT certifications for the ST87M01 also come at the right time for design-in to new electric, water and gas smart-metering roll-outs planned worldwide. It integrates a state-of-the-art ST4SIM embedded SIM (eSIM), certified according to the latest industry standards, such as the latest GSMA eSA (Security Assurance) certification.

The ST4SIM also includes a certified embedded secure element (eSE). The complete circuitry is contained within an ultra-small 10.6mm x 12.8mm LGA package. integrates easily with other components from ST’s portfolio such as MEMS intelligent actuators and sensors, interfaces, and other connectivity to address many more IoT applications that need precise geolocation. These include tracking devices for pets and personal possessions, industrial asset tracking, and sensors for use throughout smart infrastructure, smart agriculture, and others.