60W Single-chip Wireless Power Receiver IC for Faster Wireless Charging in Smartphone and Portable Computing Devices

P9418 Wireless Power Receiver

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the P9418, a 60W wireless power receiver for delivering faster wireless charging experiences in smartphones, laptops, and notebook devices in the high power density solution. With the help of Renesas’ WattShare technology, P9418 can receive up to 60W of power in a single chip. The new wireless power transmitter/receiver IC (TRx) can be configured to transmit or receive an AC power signal through magnetic induction.  When configured as the wireless power transmitter the device uses an on-chip full/half-bridge inverter, a PWM generator, a modulator/demodulator for communication.


The high-efficiency Synchronous Full Bridge Rectifier and the control circuit modulates the load to send message packets to the Transmitter ( Tx) to optimize power delivery. Customers can accelerate the development of their applications by combining the P9418 wireless charging receiver with Renesas’ power management portfolio including its USB Type-C power delivery and battery charging solutions.


Features of P9418 Wireless Power Receiver

  • Single-chip WPC medium power wireless solution
  • Delivers up to 60W as a receiver in the highest power density solution
  • WattShare (TRx ) mode with up to 10W Tx capability
  • Embedded 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor
  • Best-in-class IOUT current sensing accuracy for enhanced foreign object detection capabilities
  • MTP non-volatile memory for easy firmware and device function updates
  • Bi-directional communications to support proprietary authentication with encryption
  • Supports I2C 400kHz standard interface and GPIOs
  • WPC 1.2.4 compliant and various proprietary charging modes

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