Arduino Launches WisGate Edge LoRaWAN Gateways in Collaboration with RAKwireless

Arduino LoRaWAN Gateways

Arduino has started offering Arduino-branded Wisgate Edge Pro and Wisgate Edge Lite 2 LoRaWAN gateways for respectively outdoor and indoor environments as part of the Arduino Pro family. Arduino collaborated with Rakwireless, and is simply using their existing LoRaWAN gateways. RAKwireless will provide the hardware and technical support, while Arduino will sell the gateways and other LoRaWAN hardware through its existing customer base.

Both gateways have a similar base and run the WisgateOS 2 operating system based on OpenWrt, but the Pro model offers more antennas and LoRa channels, and features specific to outdoor operation such as a wider operating temperature range, IP67 ingress protection rating, solar panel power input, and well as GPS support. The dashboard of the gateways has been customized with Arduino Pro branding as well.

Common Features of Wisgate Edge Pro and Wisgate Edge Lite 2 LoRaWAN Gateways:

  • SoC – MediaTek MT7628 MIPS processor @ 580 MHz
  • System Memory – 128MB DDR2
  • OS on flash
  • SD card for setup and diagnostics, backup, and data logging
  • LoRa radio via SX1302 Mini PCIe card
  • USB – USB Type-C port for access to console
  • 12V/1A via DC jack (Power supply Included)
  • 36-57V DC via PoE (IEEE 802.3 af)
  • Consumption – 12W typ.