Portenta X8: Industrial-grade SOM with Linux OS Preloaded Onboard and Outstanding Computational Density

Portenta X8 Industrial-grade SOM

Arduino has released a powerful, industrial-grade SOM with Linux OS preloaded onboard that enables IT professionals, system integrators, and consulting firms to build and boost a wide variety of solutions for industrial contexts, and also lends itself to building automation and smart agriculture applications. The new Portenta X8 is capable of running device-independent software because to its modular container architecture and is a two in one product, with the power of no less than 9 cores. Moreover, Onboard Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity allows you to carry out OS/application updates remotely, always keeping the Linux kernel environment at top performance levels.

The Portenta X8 features an NXP i.MX 8M Mini Cortex-A53 quad-core, up to 1.8GHz per core + 1x Cortex-M4 up to 400MHz, along with the STM32H747XI dual-core Cortex-M7 up to 480Mhz +M4 32-bit Arm MCU up to 240Mhz. This module has been designed with industrial-grade security in mind and includes the NXP SE050C2 hardware security element to provide key generation, accelerated crypto operations and secure storage. 


Key benefits of Portenta X8

  • Two industrial products in one, combining Arduino’s availability of libraries/skills with container-based Linux distribution
  • Outstanding computational density - a total of 9 cores within a compact form factor 
  • Multi-processor architecture allowing power-optimized processing
  • Leverage popular programming languages like Python, Java and Ruby among others
  • Real-time I/O and fieldbus/control on a dedicated core
  • Deploy powerful AI algorithms and machine learning on the edge
  • Secure OS/applications updates over-the-air
  • Industrial-grade security at the hardware level, thanks to its crypto chip on dedicated bus
  • Leverage the Arduino ecosystem to expand Portenta capabilities
  • Implement multi-protocol routing with a single module
  • Compatible with other Arduino Portenta products


Applications include:

  • Connected edge computer for manufacturing
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Interactive  full-HD secure kiosks and digital signage
  • Office & Home control systems
  • Navigation and control for smart agriculture
  • Behavioural analytics for offices  and factories


This SOM uses the cloud-based DevOps platform from Foundries.io to reinvent the way embedded Linux solutions are built, tested, deployed and maintained. The X8 includes the customizable open-source Linux microPlatform OS, built using best industry practices for end-to-end security, incremental OTA updates and fleet management.