R-Car Starter Kit uses Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and Azure IoT for Accelerating the Development of Connected Vehicles

R-Car Starter Kit from Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics Corporation in collaboration with Microsoft has come up with R-Car Starter Kit to accelerate the development of connected vehicles. This kit from Renesas is based on Renesas’ R-Car automotive system-on-chip (SoC) and is available as a development environment for the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP).


MCVP combines a partner ecosystem with a horizontal platform of Azure cloud, AI, and edge services on top of which mobility companies can build customer-facing solutions. With the help of MCVP, the mobility companies can offer digital services across vehicle provisioning, two-way network connectivity, and continuous over-the-air updates of containerized functionality.


With the help of the Renesas development environment, customers can develop software in the cloud or PC and then install it on an R-Car SoC for verification before implementing it in applications for vehicles or embedded mobility devices. This helps in finding the potential implementation issues earlier in the development of connected vehicles.


Features of R-Car Starter Kit

  • Lineup of two kits with compatible interfaces, one with the R-Car H3 and one with the R-Car M3
  • Certified as an Azure IoT Edge device
  • Simplifies the process of establishing open-source automotive Linux environments.
  • High level of extensibility for use with a wide range of automotive computing applications.
  • The R-Car starter kits are designed to simplify the task of setting up automotive Linux environments for engineers who are new to the development of automotive software and are competitively priced so that each developer can be provided with their kit.
  • Powerful computing libraries are provided with support for cutting-edge HMI software and cognitive computing. They also support the QNXR real-time OS with its proven track record in the automotive field